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Sril Lakshmi Devi of Supatha Yoga
Frenchtown NJ, Supatha Yoga classes designed to accommodate every -Body.     About... Sri Lakshmi Devi in Frenchtown NJ  ,Riegelsville PaaaaA                                                                    .
Sri Lakshmi Devi
Having practiced YOGA for over 46 years....

Sri Lakshmi Devi is the Daughter of a hard working Sicilian Brick Mason and a
German/Hungarian stay at home Mom turned Business Woman.
Lakshmi began her teaching journey at age 18. Driven by helping others find the light
within themselves, Lakshmi ignites in her students a passion to explore their
divine purpose of joy in this human existence...
After a traumatic accident at the age of 13 which lead to numerous long term injuries  
throughout her life that which triggered various complications: including constant
pain, severe osteoarthritis, scoliosis, chronic migraine headaches, bell's palsy,
depression and anxiety. As a result of her severe injuries, she has since undergone
several surgeries; Triple spinal surgery, Abdominal Aneurysm repair, bi-lateral total
Hip replacements, left Hand as well as bi-lat Shoulder Surgeries; and this list goes
on...Choosing the unconventional approach to recovery, she refused pain killers and
prescribed medications and choose Homeopathic - natural remedies along with an
organic plant based diet.  Lakshmi forgone traditional Physical Therapy and choose
to delve into the ancient art of Yoga, Meditation & Pranayam (Breathing Practices) as
well as the hands on healing modality of Reiki (energy work) and EFT (Emotional
Freedom Technique-Tapping) to soothe her pain and aid in all her
.Teaching YOGA for over 36 years. On her path to becoming a certified
Yoga instructor, Sri Devi worked in the Chiropractic, Osteopathic, and Orthopedic
medical fields for over 13 years, dedicating her studies to the Human Body, Mind and
Spirit. Delving into the Health, Wellness and Fitness industry for the majority of her
entire adult life...
Lakshmi's Physician's attribute her remarkable outcome post surgically to her
amazingly positive attitude, along with her many years of study. Most importantly is
her dedication to a consistent Yoga & Meditation practice.  These challenges
inspired Sri Devi to develop a proper Rehabilitative Yoga Therapy program in
helping her heal these multiple injuries. Integrating ancient yoga breathing practices
and meditation into her daily routine. Lakshmi states "The most important aspect of
my yoga practice, is the practice of Pratipaksha Bhavanam (substituting a Negative
thought with a more Constructive Positive thought)"...Embracing the philosophy of
Sri Gurudev ..."As you think, So you become." and Proverbs 23.7 "As a Man Thinks,
So is He." Sri Devi believes "We manifest our reality by investing energy in our
thoughts...Positive thoughts create positive results."...
In her search for long term peace, contentment, and wellbeing, Lakshmi went on to
study Yoga at the
Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville. Trained under the
Extraordinarily Enlightened
Sri Swami Satchidananda*  Sri Lakshmi Devi was blessed
by Sri Gurudev, with her Spiritual Sanskrit Name and obtained her formal Yoga
Teacher Training degree at various levels and specialties  {*
Sri Swami Satchidananda
is an esteemed spiritual leader honored with the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian
Award; dedicated his life to the cause of Peace, both individual and universal, and to
religious harmony among all People. Sri Gurudev was brought to the states by
"Artist" Peter Max to guide everyone in a peaceful meditation for the opening
ceremony at the Historical
1969 Wood Stock Music phenomenon.  (Sri Gurudev)
founder of
Integral Yoga Institutes around the world. Engineered The Lotus Shrine
both in the US and his birthplace in the humble village of chettipalayam,Tamil Nadu,
Sri Devi is a Certified Y12SR Program Leader (Yoga for 12 Step Recovery) as well as,
a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, The International Yoga
Association: and a long standing member of the
Integral Yoga Teachers Association.
In the summer of 2000 Lakshmi was Grand fathered into the
Yoga Alliance  earned
her certifications as an E-RYT 500 (Experienced-Registered Yoga Therapist and
earned her certification as an R-PYT (Registered Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher) and R-CYT
(Registered Children's Yoga Teacher) as well as YACEP (Yoga Alliance Certified
Education Provider) Having over 44,000 hours of  yoga related education, teaching
and hands on experience. Deepening her practice by studying with various
prominent Yoga/Meditation Masters, Spiritual Teachers, Medical Educators, and
Inspirational Lecturers from around the world. Her artistic teaching of classical Hatha
Yoga has been enriched by her many years of practice and the study of several yoga
traditions including Integral, Iyengar, Sivananda, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara,
Kundalini, Tantra, and Viniyoga. Sri Lakshmi Devi has been Certified by Mount Sinai
School of Medicine in Functional Anatomy of Movement for Injuries, and obtained
her Pilates Mat certifications from the Kane Institute in NYC. Awarded grants from
The Arthritis Foundation, receiving certifications both as an AFFP;  Arthritis
Foundation Fitness Professional Exercise Program Leader and Tai Chi Instructor...
In 1999 Sri Devi embarked on a lifelong path of loving kindness with His Holiness the
Fourteenth Dalai Lama,
Tenzin Gyatso as a practicing Bodhisattva. Education
involving extensive studies on Depression, Human Behavior and social interaction,
Kinesiology, the Anatomy of Movement along with academic work in Psychiatry and
Physiology. In October of 2013 Lakshmi traveled to the home of His Holiness in
McLeod Ganj; Dharamsala, India. Received her initiation into Thupa Damtsik Sumk;
The Buddha Establishing the Three Pledges...a Tantric Buddhist practice employing
powerful means for eliminating negative karma and its underlying afflicted mental
states and tendencies; ultimately leading to the attainment of the state of a fully
enlightened Buddha. Studied Advanced Inversions and Tantric Meditation @ The
Himalayan Gurukul in RIshikesh, India.
. Continually enhancing her knowledge; taking
accredited courses with concentrated research toward the management of Common
Muscular skeletal, Physiological, Psychological and Food disorders."Vitality,
Immunity, Strength" Food Course along with Recovery 2.0 Coaching Course with
Tommy Rosen. Integrating the importance of Mind/Body/Spirit connection for Optimal
Health and Wellbeing; is the foundation of her practice...
In 2003, Lakshmi developed The SUPATHA Yoga Method a trademarked 1/4 series, 13
posture Sun Salutation (which is offered at various levels}  Supatha Therapeutic
Chair Yoga plus numerous Yoga Therapy specialty classes and workshops.
Sri Devi is a Reiki Master in the Usui System certified at The Loving Touch Center in
Boulder Colorado, in May of 2004 was Ordained an Interfaith Minister performing  
Marriages Ceremonies, Last Rites, Birth Blessings & Sacred Rituals...Bringing the gift
of Reiki healing and Energy Touch Therapy to various hospitals and hospices. Sri
Lakshmi continues to instruct and educate many on the Anatomy of the Human Body
while teaching Personalized Yoga and Personal Fitness classes. Utilizing her years
of knowledge and education, offering sessions for Spiritual Counseling and is a
practicing Inspirational Personal Coach...
Lakshmi feels her greatest achievement has been working with children and young
adults for the past 29 years... After receiving the artistic achievement award at the
early age of 11, led her to develop instruct an Educational Art program at St. Anthony
of Padua grammar school for grades 1 thru 8.  Lakshmi then went on to Stella Maris
High School, where she organized a Leadership forum for young adults who found it
difficult to cope with stress, pressure and the negative influences around being a
teenager. Some of who had turned to Drug or Alcohol addiction to escape their lives.
Sri Devi instructed them on The Art of Mindful Communication. Offering tools to
develop better listening skills in a non-threatening, welcoming environment. This
program gave them the confidence to create self-awareness and inner strength.
Which in turn helped to ease their fear, anger and frustration, building
self-confidence and empowerment over their lives.  Her Studies in Early Childhood
development and Psychology, lead her to create a home schooling program;
coaching Parents and Caregivers thru a structured home base learning curriculum.
Since then, Lakshmi has integrated her knowledge, expertise and hands on
experience with children to create Supatha Story time Yoga in 1997, My Buddy & Me
Partner Yoga, Yoga Warriors and Teen Empowerment Yoga as well as FunArts an
educational art class geared for kids ages 4 and up.  These classes were originally
developed as an after school program for children who suffer from ADD/ADHD, and
found it difficult to focus and listen in school.  Yoga gives children the tools to build
self-confidence and learn mindful interaction giving them ability to overcome peer
Lakshmi's Restorative Yoga Therapy class was Chosen as Chelsea Piers Sports
Center NYC's Fitness class of the Month; featured in February 2005, and Supatha's
Therapeutic Chair Yoga class was featured Fitness class of the Month in 2008; In
acknowledgement of developing their Yoga KidZ, FunArts, Therapeutic Chair Yoga
and Pre-Natal programs.  Lakshmi was given a 5 year achievement award in October
of 2007 and a 10 year outstanding recognition Award in October 31st. 2012. June 2006
and August 2009
Sri Devi was NATURAL AWAKENINGS magazine's Practitioner of the month for July
2009 with a TV appearance and interview. Through her teaching years, she has been
featured on Time Warner Cable, Cable vision performing yoga postures and voice
narration on TV commercials for Natural Balance, Brooklyn NY and Yoga Spot NYC.
Lakshmi has been highlighted in a monthly fitness article translated into Russian for
the health section of METPO Magazine; with published articles in
The New Jersey
Womans News and Time Out NYC 2010 thru 2013. March, 2008 Adidas Sports Apparel
opened a new yoga line Adi Libria; choose Lakshmi as one of Chelsea Piers Top Yoga
Instructors, outfitting her to promote their line, the Month of April as well as Under
Armor and Reebok in the following months. November 2013, Sri Devi was interviewed
as one of the top Yoga Instructors of the 2013 International Yoga Festival, in
RIshikesh, India.  For several of Sri Lakshmi Devi Credentials; click the following link
Education &  Certifications
Sri Lakshmi Devi Officiant, interfaith minister
Supatha Yoga
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Supatha Yoga and Personal Fitness
Supatha Yoga and Personal Fitness
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Sri Lakshmi Devi of Supatha Yoga
Sri Lakshmi Devi of Supatha Yoga
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Sri Lakshmi Devi of Supatha Yoga
Sri Lakshmi Devi of Supatha Yoga
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Sri Lakshmi Devi of Supatha Yoga
Sri Lakshmi Devi of Supatha Yoga
Sri Lakshmi Devi of Supatha Yoga in Rishakesh, India
Supatha Yoga...Sretch your Mind - Balance your Life - Reach you potential...therapeuctic to advanced drop-in yoga classes weekly. Come create the perfect practice just for you...Supatha Yoga offers a diverse fitness schedule at multiple levels and specialties including
Pilates, Therapeutic chair yoga, Back Care, Alignment Fundamentals, Yogalates, Vinyasa, Hatha and so much more. Supatha is a Unique Yoga Practice developed by Senior Yoga Instructor Sri Lakshmi Devi E-RYT, R-PYT, R-CYT. Sri Devi's vast knowledge and joyful
sense of humor helps you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.  A diverse schedule of Yoga | Pilates and Fitness classes to assist you in developing a balanced practice that fulfills your needs.
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