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Yoga for Depression

If you are suffering from depression...
You are not alone...

Acute feelings of depression can be a sign that your body needs rest and
your mind needs a break.  Take a nap, read a book, let yourself be lazy and
accept what you are feeling. While anxiety (feelings of nervousness, fear and
tension) is a normal reaction to stress, a constant state of worry or excessive
levels of anxiety is a primary symptom is quite common, affecting about 18
percent of American adults.  The stress reducing effects of yoga and
meditation can greatly enhance the effects of traditional therapies.

Slow, gentle yoga sequences coupled with mindful breathing techniques,
meditation and deep relaxation will raise the feel good hormones oxytosin
and prolactin.  Studies have shown that a consistent yoga practice lowers
Cortisol levels (the stress hormone).  Yogic breathing exercises stimulate the
vagus nerve which is a proven treatment for depression; improves circulation
and sends invigorating oxygen to your brain and all your muscles. Stretching
and strengthening movements flush toxins from the body as well. Guided
deep relaxation and meditation practices show you how to access the
strength and power of your inner self; helping you build an intrinsic support
system to keep you going through all the ups and downs of your life.

A regular yoga practice will protect you from depressions debilitating effects
and help you stay bright-minded.  Becoming more aware and able to
recognize the signals and alleviate the symptoms before they become
incapacitating. This class is structured to activate and move prana (“Breath”,
“Life force”) in the body, open the heart center, stimulate the nervous system
and help you maintain equanimity.  You will begin to recognize your
wholeness. “Practice Yoga regularly and it will change your life. It has
changed my life and the lives of many of my students”.  
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