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.     - Monday Program 8:00am.
.               6 sessions in 6 weeks...                         .

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    - Wednesday Program  8:00am.
6 sessions in 6 weeks...                           

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- Friday Program 8:00am.
6 sessions in 6 weeks...                            

- Friday Drop-in                                   
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Most golfers are looking for more distance
How do you get more distance…?

You will need to increase your range of motion, specifically your ability to turn your trunk and shoulders in relationship to
your hips! As Jim McLean puts it; The “X-factor”!   This term is used to describe the ratio of shoulder turn to hip turn.
According to Jim the optimal “x-factor” is a 90 degree shoulder turn to a 45 degree hip rotation....

What does the “X-factor” mean to you? It is used to make your swing as good as your swing can be. The goal of this series
is to provide you with the tools, yoga poses and balance exercises, to help you achieve your optimal “X-factor”.
The range of motion in your trunk directly correlates to the ability to generate club head speed, maintain your spine angle
for more consistency, efficiently generate power transferred from the lower body and maintain your endurance....

This concept of rotation refers to the fact that the body, specifically the spine, is required to rotate, coil and uncoil during
the dynamic phase of the swing.

We will use a series of yoga poses that will build strength in the lower body, targeting the quads, hamstrings, adductors,
abductors, glutes, calves and feet.  Hip opening postures and twists will maximize trunk rotation by training the body to
rotate the shoulders separately from the hips, this will increase your ability to generate power from the trunk....

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), flexibility is "the normal extensibility of all soft tissues
that allow the full range of motion (ROM) of a joint". Flexibility needs to occur in all three planes of motion. Therefore, for
optimal overall movement, muscles must be actively stretched standing up and moving in these planes....

This specialized program delivers a wide range of benefits: better performance on the course… and better health off the
course. This golf-specific fitness program is based on the principles of yoga and offers immediate results including
improved flexibility and strength for greater distance and accuracy off the tee, enhanced breathing awareness for better
swing tempo, increased concentration, improved overall fitness, better balance, and more....

These class features information on mechanics of the swing and muscles involved and the direct golf benefit of each yoga
exercise. Participants will learn breathing awareness and its immediate benefit to golf performance, and techniques to use
breathing for relaxation and visualization....

•        The correlations and benefits of yoga for golf performance
•        The basic mechanics of the golf swing, anatomy, muscles affected and common injuries
•        The yoga poses, the muscles affected, indications and contraindications of each pose, modifications of each pose and
the direct golf benefit of each pose
•        Adapting training to meet the specific needs of the student(s)
Participants can expect a 20-40% increased range of motion translating immediately into greater distance, accuracy, and
strength on the course!
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Each individual session follows the same sequence of elements:.

1.        Set-up and opening mental exercises
2.        Breath awareness & conditioning
3.        Physical warm-up stretches (the pre-round routine)
4.        Yoga postures - blending flexibility, strength and mental conditioning
5.        Physical cool-down stretches (the post-round routine)
6.        Deep relaxation and guided motor imagery
7.        Body and mind integration exercises.
8.        Closing & Relaxation
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