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Flemington, NJ, Easton PA..Supatha Yoga...Stretch your Mind - Balance your Life - Reach your Potential...therapeuctic to advanced drop-in classes weekly. Come create the perfect practice just for you...

Frenchtown, NJ. Yogalates, Vinyasa, Hatha and so much more. Supatha is a Unique Yoga Practice developed by Senior Yoga Instructor Sri Lakshmi Devi E-RYT, RCYT, RPYT. Lakshmi's vast knowledge
and joyful sense of humor helps you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.  A diverse schedule of Yoga | Pilates and fitness classes to assist you in developing a balanced yoga practice that fits your
needs. Supatha Yoga in Frenchtown New Jersey is Located in Flemington NJ, Bethlehem  PA, 18077, Yoga in Easton, PA,Yoga near  18077, Riegelsville, PA, Yoga in Northampton County, Palmer County,
Supatha Yoga Classes in Riegelsville, PA. Private and Semi Private Classes by
Supatha Yoga is Integral Yoga Certified. Yoga Alliance 200 and 500 hr. Yoga
Teacher Training with Sri Lakshmi Devi
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
Supatha YOGA
1031 County Road
519 # 134,
Baptistown, NJ
When life gets busy most of our energy is focused on external stimuli
such as work, family or others needs. It's easy to find yourself "off
balance"; not giving enough attention to important areas of your own
Serenity, Peace of Mind and Self Development.
One of the most important ways to bring Balance into your lifestyle is to
schedule in quality self-care time with yourself...

Practicing Yoga has been proven to slow the turbulence of your mind.
The 2nd Sutra of Patanjali; "Yogas Citta Vrtti Nirodha" - "Yoga is the
stilling of the modifications of the mind stuff." Physically it helps your
muscles relax promoting flexibility and strength. A consistent practice
boosts immunity, Improving digestion, helping you sleep better,
restoring vital energy, assisting in maintaining vibrant health, as well as
developing a peaceful mind and Joyful Life.

Whether you are new to Yoga or looking to improve your knowledge in
the science, philosophy, physiology and psychology the practice a
personal yoga program with Sri Lakshmi may be just what your looking
for. SrI Devi will assist you in bringing your knowledge, understanding
and clarity of this magnificent ancient healing modality to a higher level,

Invest in yourself by achieving a meaningful balance in life, by aligning
your Mind, Body, Breath & Spirit. Letting go of the turbulence of your
mind and delving within to connect
Come to recognize the divinity within...

Sri Lakshmi Devi's Vast knowledge of the human body, mind and spirit
has been acquired from her many years of Education, Experience,
Practice and Application. Combined with a Nurturing Compassionate
Heart and precise instruction, Lakshmi guides her students into
developing a Safe, Strong & Balanced foundation for practice.
Making Yoga, fun and accessible to Every-BODY irrespective of Age-
Size-Shape-Fitness Level or Physical Ability.

Laughter is always included :-)
The SUPATHA Yoga method helps you to obtain a peaceful contented
mind, elevated spirit along with a healthy, strong and subtle body.
Owner, Sri Lakshmi Devi offers a diverse curriculum and sequencing of
Asana (Poses), Meditation, Pranayama (Breath Word), Principles and
Philosophy, as well as  Pilates inspired Body Sculpting and Fitness
Programs offered at various levels; tailored to the individuals specific

Learn how to bring a sense of Peace & Awareness to the body, mind
and spirit while developing strength, flexibility & proper ROM even Pre
and Post Operatively

Private/Semi Private group classes & workshops are offered.

(Y12SR) Yoga of the 12 Step Recovery classes are ongoing; themed
by Nikki Myers "Our Issues Live in Our Tissues" Breaking free from the
chains of addiction & co-dependency.
Supatha Yoga is located in Hunterdon County  NJ.  A semi-private Yoga and Pilates
Studio in Frenchtown NJ. Offeringw Yoga and Serving Frenchtown NJ, Flemington NJ
and surrounding Hunterdon   Bucks County and the central NJ Areas ,
including...Flemington NJ, Raritan Township, Ringoes, East Amwell, Readington,
Whitehouse Station, Stockton, Clinton, Clinton twp.,  Lambertville, Frenchtown,
Milford,  Delaware Township, Kingwood, Hillsborough, Hopewell, Holland Township.
Serving Pennsylvania including; Upper Black Eddy, PA , Pipersville, Ottsville, Erwinna,
Tinicum, Plumbsteadville, and  Solebury PA., 2 blocks North of. yoga-loka in
Frenchtown NJ
Near Yoga_Loka in Frenchtown NJ
Supatha Yoga in Flemington, NJ
Integral Yoga Ashram
Suapatha Yoga and Personal Fitness
Stretch Your Mind       -       Balance Your Life       -       Reach Your Potential
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Supatha Yoga Flemington, NJ
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Serving...Central NJ including: Hunterdon County NJ, Frenchtown NJ, Flemington NJ, Easton PA, Bethlehelm PA, PA, Easton, Bethlehelm, Bath PA, Bath, Allentown PA, Allentown,
Raritan Township, Ringoes, East Amwell, Readington, Whitehouse Station, Stockton, Clinton, Lambertville, Flemington, Frenchtown, Milford, Delaware Township, Baptistown NJ,
Phillipsburg NJ Kingwood, Hillsborough, Hopewell, Holland Township, Bucks County, Solebury PA, Tinicum, Ottsville, Plumbsteadville, Pipersville, Erwinna , Upper Black Eddy, and
surrounding parts of, Bucks County PA, Northampton County PA, Palmer County PA
Supatha Yoga. Uniquely  Inspired by Sri Lakshmi Devi's Vast Knowledge and expertise in the Health and Fitness industry. Practicing Yoga for over 44 years since the young age of 8yrs old. Located in Hunterdon
County,  Flemington NJ, Easton  PA, Flemington, Frenchtown, NJ,  Easton, PA,, Northampton County, Palmer County, Forks Township, Allentown PA, PA

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