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PILATES inspired...Strengthen, Tone & Sculpt...
Transform yourself with the essential skills that are necessary to reshape your body & mind. Postural alignment & core exercises tone and stretch the spine, hips abs
and back. Strength and resistance exercises to increase upper and lower body muscle definition. Focuses on breath, joint extension and muscle balance. A complete
athletic workout designed to strengthen, condition, tone and define.  Weighted body bars, bands, rings and balls incorporated.
Hatha Vinyasa...Mixed Level offered weekly...
Intermediate/Advanced Yoga Poses, Pilates Mat Work and Breathing Techniques. All synchronized into a unique version of Surya Namaskar (Salute to the Sun).  Class
ends with a Guided Deep Relaxation, an Inspirational Reading, Breathing Exercises & Meditation.  Postures vary each week to gain full knowledge of Yoga Asana...

Hatha Vinyasa...Open Level
At lease 6 months of continuous prior yoga experience is necessary to participate in this class.  
An intermediate paced Vinyasa class that offers a full spectrum of postures. Creative sequencing allows students to work at their own pace while practicing basic and
challenging asana, including balancing poses, inversions and back bends.  Breath and alignment remain a focus in all classes.
Iyengar  Inspired HATHA Yoga...Mixed levels...
A creative sequence of classic Hatha yoga postures with in-depth instruction and structural alignment cues.  Active use of props, assists the body in creating proper
positioning allowing you to go deeper into the pose, working in a range of motion that is safe and effective helping to prevent injury while challenging the boundaries of
your strength...A comprehensive, balanced class with a steady flow; relaxation between postures, and guided breathing techniques throughout...all levels welcome.
Postnatal Classes - Open Level
This postnatal yoga is a multi-level, Vinyasa flow, postpartum yoga class for Mothers Only. This relaxing class consists of asanas targeted to exercise key muscle
groups after pregnancy and child-birth. Take an hour for yourself and come practice in a safe and loving environment where you can connect with other new moms.

Preparing for Baby... A yoga Practice...
Safe Yoga for Pregnancy - All Levels  "Yoga for the Expectant Mother"
Strengthen and relax your body, ease your mind and connect with your baby in a safe and supportive environment. Feel inspired and nourished in a community of
women sharing motherhood. Our prenatal class is designed to meet the needs of pregnancy and motherhood. Yoga during pregnancy helps build strength & develop
balance and coordination.  Increases circulation, while promoting relaxation bringing you a renewed vitality.  Practicing this ancient healing art improves peace of mind
and an overall sense of harmony.  Appropriate for those 13 wks and beyond.
Ab LAB...
Sculpt your abdominals and create the belly you've always wanted while gaining back strength, building core stability and increasing stamina. Toning and building the
foundational muscles and creating a pleasing body shape. All levels
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